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If you have a home that you want to lease but don't want the hassles of dealing with tenants, credit checks, collecting rent, repairs, evictions, etc then you need a PROPERTY MANAGER. San Jacinto Properties offers full service property management to homeowners who want the benefit of rental income without the time consuming duties of managing the property yourself. Here's what we do for you

1. We screen all the tenants for credit checks, criminal background checks and evictions. You will know who is applying for the lease and you will have the final say so as to who we lease to. Tenants have a 6 step approval process and we screen them throughout the process. Once a potential tenant has completed the 6 step application process you will be notified and we can discuss the pros and cons of each applicant based on their credit scores, work history, income, criminal history, if they have pets, etc.... . Federal Fair Housing Law prohibits us from discriminating against any protected classes and we will never participate in any form of discrimination against tenants or applicants.

2. Once a tenant has been approved by you, we will draft the actual lease and any required addenda. You will receive a proof of the lease and addenda before the tenant sees it and you will be able to sign off on the lease ahead of time. We will then contact the tenant and have them sign the lease and any required addenda (such as a Pet Agreement). The lease is now executed.

3. We will obtain the required security deposit (and pet deposit if required) at the time of the lease execution. San Jacinto Properties is required by law to deposit the security deposit (and any other deposit) into a trust account during the entire term of the lease. This money actually belongs to the tenant unless they breach the lease in some way and you, as the landlord, may then be entitled to all or a portion of the security deposit as damages from from the tenant. If there are no damages beyond normal wear and tear , the entire deposit is refunded to the tenant. If there are damages as a result of the tenant, as property manager, we will assess the damages and get estimates for repairs or calculate the loss of income to you as the landlord. It is our duty to both the landlord and the tenant to make sure that everyone is aware of the security deposits, how they work and who is responsible for what. WE DO NOT RECEIVE ANY OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT AS COMPENSATION. San Jacinto Properties may hold the Security Deposit in trust for up to 30 days if there is a dispute with the tenant over repairs and damages caused by the tenant beyond normal wear and tear. The tenant will have 7 days to complete the Inventory and Condition Report on Move-In. Upon Move-Out, the Property Manager will inspect the property for any new damage caused by the tenant that is beyond normal wear and tear. The courts side with the tenant in most cases if there is a dispute on security deposit deductions, so we only deduct for items that are clearly and without question above normal wear and tear (holes in walls or doors, broken windows, rips or large stains in the carpet or flooring, paint changes that were not approved, broken appliances, home excessively dirty on move-out, etc). The tenant is expected to leave the property in the same condition in which they received it, exluding normal wear and tear.

4. Once the property is occupied by the tenants, our job is to manage the daily and monthly issues concerning the property. The tenant will pay the rent directly to San Jacinto Properties as the property manager. We have the duty and obligation to make sure the rent is collected and to stay on top of the tenant if they are late. You don't have to do anything as the landlord, we handle all the rent collection.

5. If repairs are needed at the property the tenant will be required to notify us in writing and by phone as soon as possible. We will then go to the property as soon as possible and assess the situation. If there is an issue that requires a qualified repairman to complete, we will take photos of the problem (if necessary) and text or email them to you. You will have the opportunity to call your own repairman to fix the problem or you can give us the authority to call someone over to fix it. The Landlord is required to provide a $250 repair deposit to San Jacinto Properties at the beginning of the management agreement since the Texas Real Estate Commission forbids brokers from leaving broker funds in with Property Management funds (commingling). The $250 deposit will remain in the trust account until the Property Management Agreement is terminated and all fees have been finalized at which time the deposit will be refunded to the Landlord. Any repairs under $250 can be paid by San Jacinto Properties and then deducted from the next month's rent. Any repairs over $250 will need your approval and you will need to arrange payment to the repairman or contractor directly (we will give you their contact information when the time comes). You will receive copies of the receipts for everything that is done (if one is provided) and in most cases you will receive before and after photographs. We will arrange for the repairman to have access to the property to complete the repairs with either the tenant present or one of our agents present. San Jacinto Properties is not responsible for monitoring the repairmen during the repair period. Certain repairs are REQUIRED under the Texas Property Code, therefore we must make the repairs in an expediant manner. Failure to comply with the Texas Property Code could result in a breach of lease by the landlord and the tenant can break the lease without penalty and may be able to file suit against the landlord for damages. If a repair is required, we will let you know and will make sure the repair is done ASAP. If a repair such as the AC needs to be replaced, the landlord must plan for such a scenario and be prepared to do so, since that is a required repair under the Texas Property Code. If a landlord fails to comply with repair requests the Property Manager will act in compliance with the Property Code. The Property Manager may terminate the Property Management agreement anytime a landlord refuses to comply with the Texas Property Code or violates Fair Housing Law.

6. Each month we will collect the rent payments no later than the 5th. By the 8th day of the month we will have prepared your monthly statement and your rent check and mail them both to you. You should receive them by the 10th day of the month. Your check will come from San Jacinto Properties (not the tenant). The tenants will pay us directly so they do not know who you are and won't be bothering you. If there were repairs done during the previous month we will deduct any costs from the rent and include a receipt for the repairs. If no repairs were done, you will receive the full amount minus the 5% monthly management fee. San Jacinto Properties charges a $10 processing fee anytime a repair needs to be arranged by us.

7. San Jacinto Properties charges a 5% Monthly Management Fee to manage your property. This is for the life of the lease. For example, if the lease is $1000 a month, we charge $50 each month (5%) as the monthly management fee and that fee is deducted from the rent amount. You would receive a check for $950 from us each month for the rent. If you require a Direct Deposit into your account there is an additional $10 monthly charge. We do have a free Direct Deposit service available, but your rent will not be delivered until the 15th of the month if you choose that option.

8. San Jacinto Properties does not file evictions or legal disputes with tenants. If a tenant has broken the lease, San Jacinto Properties will notify the landlord as soon as possible and will go to the property to assess the situation and give a report (usually with photos) to the landlord. However, if the tenant needs to be evicted it is the landlord's responsibility to file eviction paperwork and go to court. San Jacinto Properties will assist the landlord with documentation, photographs, emails and any other information we have that can assist the landlord in the eviction process. If a tenant has caused damages beyond what the security deposit covers, it is the landlord's responsibility to file suit against the tenant to recover those expenses/losses.  If an agent from San Jacinto Properties is needed to appear in court for your property, a service fee of $50 per appearance will be charged to the landlord.

We DO NOT provide IRS forms such as 1099's or any other type of tax accounting services for your property with the exception of the monthly statement and a yearly property summary statement. It is your responsibility to report your rental income to the IRS. We are not permitted to give tax or accounting advice. Please consult with your own accountant / CPA. We do not manage properties that are owned by Foreign Nationals living outside of the United States because of the tax issues involved with these properties. 

If you also want us to list the home on MLS as a Lease Property, the standard Listing Fee of 1 month's full rent is required (paid AFTER we find a qualified tenant and receive the rent). By listing your home on it will be seen by millions of people on the web and they can see photos, room sizes, fees, make appointments, etc. Any agent in the Greater Houston Area can make appointments and show your home and find qualified tenants. Their clients will use the same 5 step qualification process and will go through San Jacinto Properties as the listing agent. We will pay the cooperating agent so there is no additional fee to you, it's included in the Listing Fee. The listing agreement and the property management agreement are separate agreements and have their own forms. 


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