If I have a lockbox on my front door will I be safe or can anybody get in my home?


It depends on what type of lockbox it is? At San Jacinto Properties we ONLY use Supra® electronic lockboxes on all occupied properties. These state of the art lockboxes require a special electronic key that is issued only to licensed Realtors® or inspectors. The lockbox sends a message every time it is opened and records who opened it  as well as the date and time. The listing agent is then notified via email that the box was opened. In addition, the lockbox has a built in safety clock that automatically shuts the lockbox down at 9:00pm and then turns it back on at 8:00am. This way, nobody, not even your agent, can open the lockbox at night. Of course if you have a key to the house on your own keychain, it will work just as it always has before. The lockbox only holds a spare key so the agents can access the house during a showing.

Some other real estate companies still use the old "dial" or "push button" combination locks that hold the keys to the house. As long as no unauthorized persons get a hold of the combination, your home is safe. However, it has been known to happen that a buyer watches an agent as they open the lock or the agent wrote the code on a piece of paper and the buyer saw it. Sometimes the lockboxes used have very obvious combination codes and people figure out what the code is. The point is that with a combination code there is no guarantee that an unwanted visitor couldn't gain access to your home at any time.

Insist that your agent use a Supra electronic lockbox. They are the industry standard now and over 90% of active realtors have the electronic key needed to access the lockbox.     (713) 894-9436 Phone     (281) 476-6533 Fax

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